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Tussey Mountainback Teaser Races

We ask that you please use UltraSignup to register for the races

Sno’ Big Deal 10K

Date: Feb 3

Start: 10am

Location: Colyer Lake

Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K

Date: Mar. 2 

Start: 10am

Location: Tussey Mountain

Tussey-to-Whipple 11 Miler

Date: April 7

Start: 9am

Location: Tussey Mountain to Whipple Dam State Park

Beidleheimer Sidewinder
10k & 20k

Date: May 4 

Start: 9am (20k) 9:30 (10k)

Location: Whipple Dam State Park

Treaster Kettle
Test-Your-Mettle 10.6

Date: June 2 

Start: 8am

Location: Colyer Lake

Eager Seeger Half Marathon

Date: June 23 

Start: 8am

Location: Alan Seeger Nature Area

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