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Race Day Timeline

Here you will find our "race day" timeline. Be sure to check back periodically for updates! 

Friday Oct 25th

On Friday we kick the weekend off with packet pick-up, a pre-race dinner, a raffle and fun with our running friends!

Ultra Packet Pick - up

Calling all Ultra runners! If you are running the the 50k, 50 mile or the 100 mile races. This is your time slot to pick up your race day packet!

5:00 pm
Relay Packet Pick - up

Relay Teams! This is your time to pick up your packets. 

6:00 pm
Pre - Race Dinner

Join us for Our pre-race dinner and enjoy a great dinner! Part of the is dinner includes a talk from our key note speaker Connie Gardener and a speaker from a from this years beneficiary CRDS!

7:00 pm

Saturday Oct 26th

Elite Runners Panel

This year we are creating new experiences for our runners and our community. One of those experiences is the start of our "Elite Runners Panel". We will take the top athletes out of the men's and women's field and hold a panel where runners can speak on their training and answer questions from the audience. This event will be open to both runners and the public for free.  

100 Mile Race Day Check - in

Race day check-in for all 100 mile runners will being. 100 milers be aware that it is at this time race staff may ask to spot check your gear for mandatory items. 

5:00 pm
100 Mile 

100 Mile runners start the adventure of 2 laps on the Tussey Mountainback course. 

6:30 pm

Sunday Oct 26th

50 Mile Race Check -in

Race day check-in will begin at this time. 

5:30 am
50k Race Check - in

50k runners can begin race day check in at this time

6:30 am
50 Mile Race Start

50 Mile runners will step off.

50KM Race Start

50k runners will step off.

Relay Race Start

Relay waves will start at this time. Relay runners will take off in waves so be sure to pay attention to which wave you and your team are starting in.

Half Marathon Start

Half Marathon runners will start at this time.

Kids Fun Run Start

Directly after the start of the half marathon the kids fun run will start.

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