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Tussey Mountainback 2024 Beneficiary 



To provide individuals with Down syndrome and their families with the tools, resources and support necessary to participate in, contribute to ​and achieve personal fulfillment.​

Centre Region Down Syndrome Society 

Centre County Down Syndrome Society (CRDSS) was established in 2006 by a group of parents to serve as table talk resource for families working their way through the world of special needs as it pertains to Down syndrome. We are thrilled to serve and live "Life to the Fullest" throughout the region. Thus, the board of directors unanimously voted in 2015 to change our name to Centre Region Down Syndrome Society and introduce a new logo that identifies us with our mission of serving families throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Centre Region Down Syndrome Society Values

  • We respect the rights, abilities and potential of people with Down syndrome, and expect others to do the same.

  • We believe that people with Down syndrome should have the opportunity to make choices affecting their lives.

  • We respect and support the role of families and the community in meeting the needs of people with Down syndrome.

  • We value excellence in the quality of education, healthcare, and employment opportunities provided to people with Down syndrome.

  • We value the opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, experiences, and contributions of our board, member families, and supporters in their roles advocating for the rights and abilities of people with Down syndrome.

  • We value discourse between our members and members of the community that is respectful, productive, and provides an opportunity for growth in understanding and acceptance.

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