Use the link below to sign up as a volunteer for the 2023 race!

Here is a list of 2022's volunteers. Many thanks!

Adin Yarnell

Alex Antoniono

Amelia Devan

Amy Bader

Andrea, Walt, Susanna and
Marian Mills

Anthony Atchley

Austin Boyle

Brandi Carmack

Brian Beer

Brooke Shellenberger

Bryan Rusinque

Carol Anderson

Cathy Kennedy

Cierra Chandler

Claudia Conrad

Dave Guss and Dave Guss Jr

Davis Michael

Doug Schunk

Erin McGann

George Conrad

Henry Adams

Jake Clements

Jayne Cawthern

Jeanie Kim

Jim Erickson

Joel Niemann

John Iceland

Judd Michael

Juli Dzemyan

Karen Dabney

Katharine Adams

Keith Jervis

Kelly McConnell

Ken Hoy

Kristen Althouse

Larry Etzweiler

Linda Erickson

Marie, Eddie and
Larry Garmat

Mark Emery

Marlee Kwasnica

Marvin Hall

Michelle Hutnik

Mike Berrena

Molly Macrae

Mubark Alhajri

Nicole Morgan

Pamela Luu

Paula Ralph

Phil Yanak

Rachel Prinkey

Reg Adams

Regina Lozinski

Rene Oakman

Robert Crowe

Shannon Shaffer

Sheryl Leaman

Sophie Dillon

Stephen Ast

Steve Lachman

Sue Challis

Sury Yadav

Theresa Hunter

Nicole Morgan

Pamela Luu

Paula Ralph

Peggy Johnson

Phil Yanak

Rachel Prinkey

Renae Schunk

Schalyn Sohn

Sheryl Leaman

Steve Lachman

Tom Lechleitner

Have the most fun you've ever had Volunteering!

For the runner, supporter, or volunteer, the Mountainback promises an incredible experience. Help stage this year's Mountainback by volunteering to help or lending financial support. It takes over 80 volunteers to make this event happen. Be part of an exciting day, a worthy cause and see top runners from across the country compete in this year's Mountainback!

If you'd like to participate as a volunteer:

Come have great fun - for a great cause!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Registration
  • Transition Zone Check-In
  • Race Planning Committee
  • Race Packet Stuffing
  • Race Packet Pick-up
  • Application Data Entry
  • Vehicle Check-In
  • Finish Line Officials
  • Course Setup and Clean-up

All volunteers will receive a 2022 Mountainback custom shirt!.