The race starts and finishes at Tussey Mountain Ski and Family Fun Center, just south of Boalsburg on state route 322, whose address is 301 Bear Meadows Road, Boalsburg, PA 16827. The race is easily accessed by air (University Park Airport) and interstate (I-80 and I-99). Visit the Accommodations page for suggestions on where to stay.


Just like the 2022 race, the 2023 50K race will be run in the counterclockwise direction - the same path as the 50 Miler for the first 22 miles. The race is USATF-certified, and follows scenic forest roads through central Pennsylvania's large Rothrock State Forest during peak foliage season. The race is a mass start from the Tussey Mountain Ski area.  The start and finish are in the same area as the 50 mile race.


For the first 22 miles, the 50k follows the 50 Mile course, using the same aid stations. From mile 22 to mile 26.8, runners follow a new course. Along here, the course follows a former road that is no longer used. This portion may be best described as something between a gravel road and a very wide double track trail. At mile 26.8, runners will rejoin the outbound course and return to the start along the outbound legs. Finally, the first and last 0.75 miles of the road course is paved, near the ski slopes. Stocked and staffed aid stations are available to all ultra participants at predetermined locations every three to four miles along the course. Terrain includes uphill, level and downhill grades, with shaded and open segments and some overlook vistas. The course takes in Whipple Dam State Park and the Bear Meadows Natural Area. Total Elevation gain: 3,200 ft.


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Leg A: Three Bridges, One Leg-Breaker: 3.2 miles (Running Total 3.2)

Difficulty: Moderate
Topography: Mostly gently climbing, with some steep ascents.


Leg A breaks from the Start Line on a slight downhill, on paved Bear Meadows Road. At bridge #1, the uphill begins. As you pass the stream along the right-hand side, you will traverse bridge #2, continue uphill and turn right onto Laurel Run Road (at 0.7 mi.), crossing bridge #3. At this point the road becomes packed gravel. Continue climbing to switchback #1. Switchback #2 occurs at 3.1 miles; only 0.2 miles to aid station one, at the crest of Laurel Run Road and the intersection of Mid-State Trail.

TMB 50k leg 1 map and elev


Leg B. Down to the Swamp: 4.0 miles (Running Total 7.2)

Difficulty: Easy
Topography: Downhill to level; gravel.


Beginning at the crest of the hill, Leg B rolls downhill past the Fleet Foot Hunting Club (.45 mi.) and Laurel Run Camp (1.1 mi.), both on the right. At the bottom of the hill (1.2 mi.) you will pass Bear Gap Road on the left. Pass Sand Spring Camp and a meandering brook on the right, and go through fern fields as you pass Wildcat Gap Trail. Continue past Bard Gun Club on the left (3.45 mi.) and several cabins to the right and left (3.8 mi.) before coming to the intersection of Laurel Run Road and Pine Swamp Road (on right) where you will find aid station two.

TMB 50k leg 2 map and elev


Leg C: Pine Swamp Rd to Whipple Dam: 3.8 miles (Running Total 10.7)

Difficulty:  Easy
Topography: Gentle down hill the whole way.


Continue along Laurel Run Rd, straight to the aid station at Whipple Dam. This leg is a long descent without any significant inclines. There is one small rise just before the aid station. Enjoy the calm run but be mindful of any traffic. This is one of the only stretches that could see significant (but still little) traffic.

TMB 50k leg 3 map and elev


Leg D. : Whipple Dam to Beidleheimer Rd.: 5.6 miles (Running Total 16.3)

Difficulty: Moderate to hard
Topography: Mostly up with some flatter spots.


DO NOT FOLLOW THE 50 MILE RUNNERS TO THE BEACH ROAD. This aid station is the first point at which the 50 km course differs from the 50 mile course. Your aid station is on Laurel Run Rd. Leave the aid station and continue along bearing left and up the hill with all the runners.

TMB 50k leg 4 map and elev 


Leg E: Beidleheimer to Bear Meadows: 5.2 miles (Running Total 21.5)

Difficulty: Very Difficult
Topography:  Descents and Climbs


This leg starts with a descent of almost 300 feet in 2.2 miles along Beidleheimer Road.

You will be on mostly shaded gravel and pass vistas on your right. As you near the course split, you will pass the Gettis Ridge Camp on your right, then meet Bear Meadows Road at the 2.2 mile point. This is where you will separate from the 50 mile runners, and TURN LEFT ONTO BEAR MEADOWS Rd. From this point, it is 2.2 miles and 900 feet of elevation to the top of the ridge. Once there, you will descend about 200 feet in less than a mile to aid station eleven.

Aid station eleven is shared with the 50 mile runners, who will be coming from the opposite direction as you are.

There is no parking at this aid station. You support crew should plan to see you at the intersection of Bear Meadows Rd and North Meadows Rd. This is about 0.6 mile (north) toward the ski slope from the aid station. There is adequate parking space there.

TMB 50k leg 5 map and elev

 Climbing Bear Meadows Rd at Wampler Rd

The climb up Bear Meadows Road at the intersection with Wampler Rd.


Leg F:  Bear Meadows to Aid Station 50k, Oh What a View: 3.7 miles (Running Total 25.2)

Difficulty: Moderate
Topography: Steady climb


Leg six begins at the Bear Meadows aid station. You will quickly pass Treaster Kettle Road coming from the right and might see 50 mile runners coming from that direction. Continue north along Bear Meadows Road and turn left after one kilometer at the gate to enter North Meadows Road. Continue up North Meadows Road until it meets Gettis Ridge Road at the top. Turn to the right and follow the road to the gate at Bear Gap Road and the aid station.

Note that North Meadows Road is closed to all traffic. It is almost a ten mile drive between the ends of the road, but only a three mile run.

Aid Station 50k: Welcome to the only aid station dedicated to the 50k runners. Have a mini celebration for almost having completed a marathon.

TMB 50k leg 6 map and elev 


Leg G:  50k aid station to aid station one - What goes down must come up: 2.7 miles (Running Total 27.9)

Difficulty: Moderate
Topography: Steep descent and a climb


Leaving aid station 50k, continue along Bear Gap Road. You might enjoy the steep descent, or your quads might complain a wee bit. In any event, turn right at the bottom and join Laurel Run Road. Your sense of déjà vu is justified, you have been here before, just running in the opposite direction. From this point on, you will be running the reverse of your starting legs. Fear not, you are nearly at aid station one. You need only climb the 1.1 mile and 200 feet to get there.

Aid Station One (redux): Well, you have been here before, only now your legs are beat. Enjoy a breather for a moment before you begin the descent to the finish line. This station offers very little parking, and support crew should avoid it. Be sure to thank the crew at the aid station, they have been there since six a.m.

TMB 50k leg 7 map and elev 


Leg H - Aid station one to the finish - It’s just a 5k-ish: 3.2 miles (Running Total 31.1)

Difficulty: Moderate
Topography: Steady descent


This is your last leg. From the top of the hill at the aid station, simply follow Laurel Run Road downhill on the well trodden track. At the stream crossing, turn left onto paved Bear Meadows Road and follow it back to the finish line. As you approach the ski slopes, you will turn hard left through the field to the finish line.