Here is a list of 2020's volunteers. Many thanks!

Allison Eisenhower
Andrew Maguire
Ann Guss
Ann Van Kuren
Aric Sponsler
Baylee Robey
Beth Royer
Barb Kelsey
Brent Kelsey
Brian Garthwaite
Carole Dudukovich
Cora Tirko
Chris Masters
Dawn Maguire
Dave Guss
Dave Guss Jr.
Ellie Guerrero
Elsa Hansen
Ethan Sheaffer
Evan Casper
George Conrad
Grace Shang
Jaimie Wright
Jake Clements
Jamie Riese
Jim Sellmer
John Iceland
Katie Oppermann
Kylee Ammerman
Keith Henderson
Kristen Althouse
Larry Fennessey
Marvin Hall
Matthew Maguire
Meira J Minard
Mike Renz
Monica Wright
Neil Maguire
Peggy Johnson
Phil Yanak
Ray Fye
Rob Masters
Sam Ikenberry
Sandra Wigfield
Sarah Clements
Sherry Tirko
Shirley Fye
Stephen Ast
Steve Lachman
Tom Lechleitner
Tori Casquarelli
Vincent Wright

Have the most fun you've ever had Volunteering!

For the runner, supporter, or volunteer, the Mountainback promises an incredible experience. Help stage this year's Mountainback by volunteering to help or lending financial support. It takes over 80 volunteers to make this event happen. Be part of an exciting day, a worthy cause and see top runners from across the country compete in this year's Mountainback!

If you'd like to participate as a volunteer:

Come have great fun - for a great cause!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Registration
  • Transition Zone Check-In
  • Race Planning Committee
  • Race Packet Stuffing
  • Race Packet Pick-up
  • Application Data Entry
  • Vehicle Check-In
  • Finish Line Officials
  • Course Setup and Clean-up

All volunteers will receive a fabulous Mountainback custom mask!.