Tussey Teasers

The Tussey Teasers are a series of six recreational runs in Rothrock State Forest that take place from February through June on parts of the mOUnTaiNBACK course. There are no trails on these runs or on the 50-mile race course. The Teasers are ideal for anyone itching to discover for the first time -or get back to - some superb running venues. Five of the six Teaser runs are free; the other one (the May "Sidewinder 10K") is a unique race with age- and gender-graded (WAVA style) individual and team results and awards to level the playing field. Runners completing Teasers #1-5 (February's Teaser #0 is a bonus) are eligible for a grand “door prize.” Here is the 2015 Teasers schedule:

Sat., February 7, Colyer 'Sno Big Deal 10K

Sat., March 7, Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K

Sun., April 12, Tussey to Whipple 11 Miler

Sat., May 9, Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K

Sun., June 7, Treaster Kettle Test Your Mettle 10.6 Miler

Sun., June 21, Eager Seeger Half Marathon


Here is a link to the results of the Tussey Teasers from 2014.

Below are links to maps and elevation profiles of the Tussey Teasers:

Tussey Teaser #0: Colyer 'Sno Big Deal 10K

Tussey Teaser #1: Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K

Tussey Teaser #2: Tussey To Whipple 11 Miler

Tussey Teaser #3: Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K

Tussey Teaser #4: Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Metal 10.6 Miler

Tussey Teaser #5: Eager Seager Half-Marathon (NOTE: access from SR 322 is closed; arrive via Bear Meadows Rd or SR 26)

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